Rachel Bartlett
Rachel BartlettMinistry Trainee
Rachel was part of CU a few years ago, and graduated in 2012. Since then, she’s gotten married (to James) and has been working as a teacher, but she’s really excited about being back on campus with CU. Rachel will serve with CU for 2 days a week in 2017.
Geoff Robson
Geoff RobsonCU Staff Worker
Geoff is a full-time staff worker with CU, and is married to Liz. After pastoring churches in Sydney and Christchurch, Geoff joined the CU team in 2013. His role is to teach the Bible to students, introduce people to Jesus, and develop student leaders and initiatives. Geoff loves the Chicago Bulls, board games, reading, ‘The West Wing’, cooking, and Jesus – not in that order.
Mark Santich
Mark SantichCU Team Leader
Mark is the team leader at CU, a board member of the Gospel Training Trust, and a member of the Equip Conference committee. Mark is originally from Sydney, but has called Christchurch home for more than a decade. When he’s not on campus working with students (or even when he is!), Mark loves good coffee, a good game of football, and a relaxing spot of fishing.
Renee Santich
Renee SantichCU Staff Worker
Renee has been on the CU staff team (part-time) with her husband, Mark, for 15 years. Together they have four great kids – Zac, Josh, Jessie, and Ethan. Renee loves to read the Bible with students and enjoys seeing young people grow in their relationship with Jesus.

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