Welcome BBQ 2017

Welcome to the start of another big year on campus with CU! We’re kickstarting 2017 with our famous Welcome BBQ, and we’d love you to be there. There’s dinner, drinks and dessert (all 100% free), some activities and games, and a chance to meet the CU team and find out what we’re all about.

If you’re new on campus or you haven’t been part of CU in the past, we’d really love to meet you, welcome you to our community, and find out how CU can serve you during your time at uni.

If you’re a CU returner, come along to reconnect with each other, meet and greet our newcomers, and get pumped for the year ahead!

Friday, February 24 at 5.30pm. Meet near the tennis courts on Ilam Fields.

Annual Conference 2017: The Cross of Christ

Starts: 6pm on Friday, April 7 (last day of term)
Ends: 12pm on Tuesday, April 11
Venue: Blue Skies Conference Centre, Kaiapoi
Cost: $180 (includes all food and accommodation)*

Jesus was born in an obscure village over 2000 years ago, the son of a teenage peasant girl and a carpenter. He never studied, wrote a book, married, held office, or traveled more than 200 miles from home. By age 33, he gathered a very small group of followers, but even they abandoned him when he was arrested. He died as a convicted criminal, suffering the most painful and humiliating form of execution ever invented. He died homeless, broke and defeated, mocked by his powerful enemies and abandoned by his frightened friends.

And today, hundreds of millions of people all over the world worship this man as the Creator of the universe, Ruler of the world, and the one true Saviour of humanity. Even more incredibly, followers of Jesus Christ proclaim that his death is somehow at the centre of everything he came to do. Christians believe that Jesus’ death was not his final defeat, but his ultimate victory.

At this year’s CU Annual Conference, we’re taking a deep dive into the meaning of the cross. No topic is more central to understanding the whole Bible, to understanding God, or to understanding who we are and why we’re here.

We’ll also have plenty of time for relaxing in free time, eating yummy food, hanging out, games and activities, and building new friendships. Conferences like this are one of the great blessings of your time at uni. We really hope you’ll join us! Sign up here.

* Scholarships and subsidies available – let us know if you need financial assistance to attend